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A voz das indústrias de Defesa e Segurança

The voice of the Defense and Security industries!

Acting as "The voice of the Industrial Defense and Security Base", and officially recognized as the main Association of the sector, ABIMDE promotes and values ​​national companies within the national territory and abroad, ABIMDE has actively participated in all phases of the 'life' of its associates' products and services. This makes it an important vector of knowledge about the sector. For more than 35 years, ABIMDE has been working to disseminate the value of Brazilian companies, through events, contacts and relationships with all government spheres - federal, state and municipal - presenting the concerns of the entrepreneurs and challenges to be overcome.

The Entity also carries out projects that encourage exports of our products and services, aiming to boost the country's economy and the generation of highly specialized jobs.

Committed to businesspeople in the defense and security sector, to the country's socioeconomic improvement, and working continuously for national sovereignty, development and peace, ABIMDE stands out in this important role!

Nossa Missão

To bring together, represent and defend the interests of associated companies, contributing to the formulation of public policies for the Defense and Security sector, and for the creation and maintenance of a strong and healthy Industrial, Logistics, Scientific, Technological and Innovation Base, aimed at Defense and National Security, in line with the objectives of national sovereignty and the Brazilian Constitution.


ABIMDE, a non-profit civil entity –


>> brings together companies in the military employment material sector in order to sponsor, promote, and represent their common interests and objectives, aiming at the social and economic growth of the country,


>> operates in the relationship between industries and government agencies, seeking to streamline and encourage the commercialization, development and quality of Brazilian products.

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Forças Armadas e de Segurança

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