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Akaer Engenharia S.A.

São José dos Campos - SP
Avenida Cesare Mansueto Giulio Lattes, 501 - Eugênio de Mello | Zipcode: 12247-014
(12) 2139-1100
Augusto Vieira - augusto.vieira@akaer.com.br
Paulo Bartolomeu da Rosa Mensch - paulo.mensch@akaer.com.br
Anamaria Hernandes - anamaria.hernandes@akaer.com.br
Classification: aerospace engineering, engenharia aeroespacial, aeronautical services (fixed wing), serviços aeronáuticos (asa fixa), aerospace projects, projetos aeroespaciais, aeronautical systems engineering, engenharia de sistemas aeronáuticos, aeronautical structures engineering, engenharia de estruturas aeronáuticas, aeronaves de asa fixa, fixed wing aircraft.

Member Service

(11) 3170-1860

São Paulo - SP

Avenida Paulista, Nº 575 | 12º andar, Conjunto 1201 a 1208 - Bela Vista - Zipcode: 01311-911

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